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I use Autodesk's SketchbookPro with stylus on Galaxy Note 3 to do portraits.

The pressure sensitive stylus and the ability to select pencil sizes and darkness makes it as real as sketching it on paper. Now I can sketch on the go..

screen capture video of one of the portraits

 Click on the thumbnails for more details..

Digital Portraits - My teachers from Sainik Schook Balachadi

Mrs. Licy Balaraman Mr Sanguri Mr. Namboodari Mrs. Namboodari
Mr. ANSingh Mr. Balaraman

Digital Portraits - Family

Madhavi Dvimidh Dwita Dada Dadi Dvimidh
Dwita Dvimidh Dwita Parashar Bali
Parashar Urvi Dhyuti Takshil Takshil and Dvimidh

Digital Portraits - People and Places

Sathish Bearded Man Neha Looking Over
Alex Honnold Dog Gandhi and Dr. King Bushnell Park
Selft Portrait Swami Vivekanand