A painting's journey over 9 years...

Red Rock Canyon Road

I started painting this in late Dec 2006. After painting the sky and mountain in the background, I hit a roadblock when I just could not figure out how to draw the rain drenched road in the foreground. 

After finishing this painting during the weekend of Sept 26th, 27th of 2015, I have been painting almost every weekend, completing close to 10 oil paintings during Oct, Nov and Dec of 2015.

Progress during Dec 2006 - Jan 21 2007

Details- Jan 22, 2007

This a close up of the sky and the mountain as of Jan 22, 2007.

Here is the finished painting on Canva-Paper, size 12" x 16". 

I finally finished it after 9 years. It took me this time as I just did not know how to draw a road which, is drenched in rain with puddles reflecting the sky and clouds. 9 years of trying it on and off and I finally get it to finish line. 

Completed - Sept 27th, 2015

Credits - Original Picture from - "Dances with Lights - the Canadian Rockies" by Darwin Wiggett / 

Copyrights to the original picture - http://www.oopoomoo.com/

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